A Real-Life Approach to

Applying Bible Truths

Getting Real with God

(and with each other!)

The BS-Busters’ Story



Whitney McKendree Moore started to write these studies when she realized the need for application of the Bible in her real life. She knew that God desires for His people to get real with Him and with each other (the way they do in Twelve-Step meetings, which is rarely found anyplace else). She spent several years working with Him to infuse Bible Studies with the rigorous honesty of recovery programs. In doing so, she ended up developing her own personal mission statement, which is as follows:


To be an instrument

played by God any way He wants

to enrich His Overall Song.


That mission statement is the reason for these BS-Busters Bible Studies. They are written to encourage people to engage honestly with each other around the Word of God. Once she had about a year’s worth of these “conversation starters” under her belt, she wanted to give them away for free because God had so freely given them to her in the first place. She could not figure out how to do so without spending a great deal of money publishing them. It was Wildermom who came up with the idea of publishing them on-line. Therefore:


Whitney is the author of these studies.

Wildermom is the website worker.


Thanks to a generous donation from a spouse, a website was obtained in 2006, and the rest is history!



Copyright by Whitney McKendree Moore, May 2012