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What does “BS” stand for? It stands for “Bible Study,” of course (what were you thinking?). Why? Because this is not a typical academic discussion of Bible texts. This is a series of object-based Bible application lessons. Its goal is to engage people in conversing honestly about how God’s Word applies to their own actual lives. The result?  People begin to hear what God has really done or is in the process of doing, and they have opportunities to see His Word realized in someone’s life. This accomplishes at least three things:


 It builds their faith.

 It encourages them into the Word.

 It motivates them to stay in the Word.


Each lesson uses an everyday, ordinary object to introduce a single Biblical point for discussion. The facilitator then shares how that particular point has been proven (or is being proven, or needs to be proven!) in his or her life. Participants are invited and encouraged to relate openly from their own life experience, hopes, and needs. It helps to remember that people won’t share if they don’t feel safe. Therefore, this gentle suggestion -- namely that:


Trust is a Must!

“Whatever you may hear here,

Please be sure it stays here.”




Christians and Non-Christians


Christians: BS-Busters will edify people who:

 Believe Jesus is Lord, but one might never have guessed.

 Are talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

 Have detoured from putting Him first in life.


Non-Christians: BS-Busters will help people who:

 Believe there are many ways up the mountain, all leading to the same God.

 Want to understand the authority of scripture.

 Would like help conceptualizing the tri-unity of God (or some other essential doctrine).



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